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Commercial Arts

Students learn how to create art and sell it, learn business skills, business startup and entrepreneurship using social marketing, selling online and in alternative spaces. Student paint using different mediums acrylic, airbrushing, collage, and water colors. (Class at NOPSC)

Graphic Arts/Photo Shop/Summer

Learn how to take a really good picture using digital cameras and make it better! Create the pictures of your dreams using some of the most powerful tools in professional graphics: adobe creative Suite. Unlock the power of Photoshop to create character, avatars and alien landscapes. Design professional flyers, newsletters and posters. Can’t draw? No worries. Photoshop can fix it.

Career Opportunities:

What You Will Learn:

Crediting Options

Earn up to 1.5 credits per semester. 1.0 for the class, 0.5 English credit.

Available Courses

Available Classes

Comic Creation Camp
June 26 - July 19. Super heroes are made, not born! Fight crime, conquer the
world, and entertain with the characters in your minds eye
while you enjoy designing and producing your own comic
creation. Dress Code: Shorts and sandals are okay. Instructor:
Klein, NOPSC
Summer 2017
Video Game Design
June 26 - July 19. Want to understand how interactive experiences are
created? Do you aspire to have a career in the video game
industry? Go Beyond Playing. Create your own game and animations!
Instructor: Gentry, NOPSC
Summer 2017

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